May’s Monthly Releases

Along with our voted monthly model – Domino, I’ll be releasing some freebies since… it’s my birth month! I’m really thankful for you and your support so this month I want to give back. I’ll list here the freebies I’ll be giving away at the end of the month, exclusive to Patreon members 😀 

Here’s the list of this months releases!

  • Domino Full Statue (voted monthly model)
  • Joker Miniature 35mm
  • Darth Maul Bust! (May the 4th be with you!) NEW!

I’ll keep adding more soon <3

//5 May 2020 (missed it by a day haha)

 Here’s ANOTHER FREEBIE for birth month a few hours past the official day but here’s a new bust for “May the 4th be with you” DARTH MAUL BUST! I grew up with the prequels and thought this guy was seriously a badass for being able to fight 2 jedi’s at the same time and for him to break through the sith silence and shock qui gon jinn with the reappearance of the Sith. Only years later to realise the prequels arent that great but this guy still stands out in the clone wars and showing up in SOLO. Super happy to make this guy  hope you like it! 

// 10 May 2020

Adding to this special months reward is… a FULL FIGURE MODEL – Booster Gold! Why? Because it’s my birthday today!! I’m so glad for you all. Ya’ll make me better and keep me inspired. Booster Gold will be added to the month’s rewards package at the end of the month 🙂

// 27 May 2020

Domino is finally done!  Here’s the final update to our DOMINO! I’m super happy with how she turned out. Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions I hope ya’ll like her too. I’ll proceed to cutting and keying her next and will send all of these rewards on/before the 30th to your emails 🙂

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