2nd May Weekend Released!!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀

Our 2nd weekend’s releases are HERE! 😀 they should already be available in your MyMiniFactory’s Object Shared With Me if you’ve accepted the invite in your email (inbox/spam folder of the email used for Patreon).

C27 Vault Quick Reminder that we’re solely using MyMiniFactory for our C27 Vault 😀

For our Comic Book Releases, we have Taskmaster (Copycat), TickTock (BoomBoom), Hush (Black Bolt) and re-adding to the C27 Vault, Lady Thunder (Lady Thor) 😀

For our Fantasy Releases, we have the awesome Kobold Inventor and the gooey Flail Snail!

For our Funhouse Terrain Kit, we’re adding the Jack N Box size 3 terrain scatter 😀

A lot more releases coming next weekend! We’re only halfway through May! 😀

C27 Minis & Terrain

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