It’s My Birthday!!! – Gen (and no spoilers please lol)

Heya everyone!

Gen here! 😀

It’s my birthday! This year has been all kinds of crazy awesome. I’m so honored to meet you all (digitally for now, meet ups soon?) and be able to celebrate with you this special day. Sharing the joy of this occasion, behold, BLACK BOLT! Now available in our C27 Vault in MMF 😀 He’s not a part of this month’s list of releases but he’s my gift to you all.

To be clear, I haven’t send Multiverse of Madness so PLEASE no spoilers!!! But since watching the trailers, I figured it would be awesome to make an Illuminati team! We already have Dr. Strange, Prof X, our recently released Reed Richards, our upcoming release Namor. So adding to the crew is this baddie Black Bolt! I’ll be watching MoM this weekend 😀 I dont know if he’ll be there but again, please no spoilers! We have a spoiler-chat in our Discord for yall whose seen it already 😀

So yeah, enjoy! This is just a small token of appreciation for the BEST Patreon community ever 😀


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