2nd Week April Loot Crate Now Live on MMF!

Heya everyone! 😀

So glad to announce our second set of releases this month! They’re all uploaded now in MMF and should be available when you go to the Library > Objects Shared With Me tab 🙂

We love seeing our loot crate getting added and added onto every week! 

For our Superhero releases, we have FOUR more minis 😀 Our fan art version of Guardian, Lady Bullseye, The Thing, and Honey Badger with Jonathan the Unstoppable! Or as we like to call them, Captain Canada, One Spot Onya, Kosher Rocks, and Tiny Terrors! Haha our Tiny Terrors come in 2 variations, one with her goggles, and one without 😀 Enjoy!

For our Carnival Terrain Kit, we have the amazing Circus Wagon, Circus Cage, and Ticket Booth! Wow, this kit is really coming to life!!!!

And for our fantasy release, we have the dangerously epic, Cadaver Collector! Holy moly, he is suuuuper deadly! He literally has dead bodies hanging on his spiked armor haha!

Enjoy everyone! Hope you like all our releases so far, and we’re only halfway through April! if you like our releases, feel free to tell your friends and socials <3 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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