More Additions to our April Loot Crate!

Heya everyone! Gen here.

We are back with more releases for this April!!! I hope everyone had a good Easter break. For me personally, I had the best Easter break every with awesome news. Will share to you all soon! 😀 

Get your files in your MMF accounts Object Shares With Me 😀 be sure to use your Patreon email in the MMF site to get access to our files 😀

For our Comic Book Releases, we have 4 more minis for your printers to take on! With our Cyberspider 2099, One Man Army, Angry Electrician, and of course, the master of our terrain kit, the Murderville Master!!!! We will also have another release this 29th for our Hydra Goons, 2nd place painting winner Old Man Logan, and our alt head for Domino 😀

For our Fantasy Releases, we bring more Undying minis! We have the Animated Armor, Wraith, and our Death Knight! Inspired from a recent game perhaps? 😀 We love them and we hope you love them too! Would love to see some paint work for our fantasy minis in our Discord server <3

And of course, to tie in our Carnival releases are some size 1 terrain scatters 😀 pick them up in your gameplay and throw them at your opponents! 😀

And another GOOD NEWS, we’ll be releasing our Murderville GAME MAT tomorrow!!!! 😀 We also got into contact with Deep Cut studio that has given our community a discount code to print custom mats with!! 😀 More info in tomorrow’s post! 😀 

Thanks again for being the BEST community! Talk more in Discord <3 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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