3RD February Batch released!

Hell to the yeah!!!

Our 3rd batch is now up for all of you to download and print! We have Shegorro (Spiral), Honey Biscuit (Puck), and a surprise release for everyone, Target Goons (Aim Agents)! We also uploaded our Size 1 terrain scatters this month! Our ATM Machine, lovely park bench, and Steam Pole 😀 Both unsupported and presupported for resin printers 🙂

Shegorro, Honey Biscuit, and our size 1s are in our loot crates while the Target Goons are in the Vault 🙂

Another surprise, is a new feature for our Patreon. I’ll be featuring at least 1 miniature each month with a scaled up 75mm version <3 this means more detail that’s capable for both Crisis scale and even better visible for a scaled up 75mm! This month, it’s our Shegorro (Spiral) mini <3 To celebrate our 600 patreon goal, we’ll be having our FIRST PAINTING COMPETITION! Details on this post!


Hope your enjoying our releases so far <3 the last 3 minis for the month’s loot crate and our Dr. Doom community sculpt with be up next weekend!

Gold Tier Download Post:


Plat/Omega Tier Download Post:


(btw, remember that if you joined the gold early access, you have access to both characters and terrain. Please then open the Plat/Omega Tier DL post)

Dang I really love this mini <3 Not much print instructions here but to use an X-Acto knife when taking out the supports on her katanas and sai 🙂

This cute cannonball is quite easy to pull off his supports 😀 no instructions here.

Enjoy this new goons release – Target Goons! 😀 They are on a 50mm base.

All these character test prints are printed on an Elegoo Mars 3, layer height 0.04, exposure 3s. For the terrain scatter, they are printed on the same printer with 0.05 layer height, exposure 2.5.

Feel free to check our community print setting in this post-


Enjoy everyone! Again, check out our FIRST PAINTING COMPETITION post for details on the competition, and prizes!




C27 Minis & Terrain

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