4th Weekend Release for May Subs!

Heya everyone!

Super glad with our previous post about our June releases! I’m so happy everyone’s as excited as we are. We’ve added more miniatures and terrain scatters for our May Loot Crate! Check them out now in your MyMiniFactory account in the Objects Shared For Me tab 🙂

We’re pretty much wrapped up with our May releases besides the Bank Robbers goons coming out on the 31st 😀 We also added new base toppers into the Vault! Check those out too! Let us know if you like more toppers like that 🙂 

I hope everyone enjoyed all our releases this May! We’re so happy with the reception and the content of our miniatures and terrain. We only want to keep improving and your support allows us to do just that. I hope the quality improves month by month 😀

Thanks again to the best Patreon community!

Cheers and on the June,

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