A C27 Studio x Trident Studios Cross Collab!

Heya everyone!

Gen here from C27 Studio! I’m so happy to announce our first collaboration with Trident Studios!

If you’ve noticed, us at C27 has made our fan-art minis of the Fantastic 4 with Mr. Fantastic and The Thing. Trident has also done the same with their fan-art minis for Sue Storm and Johnny Storm.

This collaboration is a partnership to complete the entire team! We will offer our 2 minis (Mr. Fantastic and The Thing) to Trident’s patrons and vice versa with Trident offering their Sue Storm and Johnny Storm to C27’s patrons! What a great exchange! If you’re subscribed to both C27 and Trident, you’ll be able to complete the Fantastic Four team!

For C27’s patrons, you’ll find Sue Storm and Johnny Storm in MyMiniFactory under The C27 Vault 🙂

Looking forward to more collabs with Trident Studio!

C27 Studio

Side note: We also reincluded our cross collab with Kyoushuneko Miniatures’ Ninjas! Available in the Vault now.

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