More Weekend Releases!

Happy Fathers Day!!! <3 

To all those celebrating today, we celebrate with you! Gen here 🙂 Am I counted in this year’s celebration already? I feel like I can’t compare to the sacrifices you’ve done for your families to be counted yet 😛 But our baby is at 15 weeks now! We’re super excited hehe here’s a toast to you, and your families! 

Our internet is finally activated and stable! You know what that means! It’s weekend release time! 

We have 14 new minis added to this month’s Loot Crate! We have our fan art versions of Man-Spider, Northstar, and Phyla Vell. The awesome alt names ya’ll come up with are hilarious!! We then have our awesome fantasy releases the Ghoul and Von Vampire! All our character minis come in both their respective scale and an added 75mm scale too 🙂 And for our Atlantis Terrain Kit we finally have some awesome terrain scatter to start building your table! We have the brazier, jars, and broken pillars! More terrain scatters next weekend 😀 We have 2 more sets of releases 😀 They’ll be released on the 26th and the 29th 😀

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

Thanks again for your support! Let’s reach 900 for an extra bonus 😀

C27 Minis & Terrain

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