Captain Marvel VS Rogue

//27 April 2020

I’ve posted most updates in our Discord channel (please inbox me if you’re not in it yet) but I’d like to post the most recent update here as well.

Since the last update, I’ve done a lot of improvements- worked on the costume details on both of our ladies, their hair (which rogue’s lion mane took forever to make), the folds details, posing update, anatomy improvements, etc. It’s been really fun working on them! I’ve also hired a concept artist to help with the base concept and I’m pretty happy with the blackbird jet idea (from Discord channel). I’ll post the base update soon. 

I’ve got the few last things to work on before sending it to you all in a few days. 

  • hands connections
  • base details
  • cuts and keys

After doing these, I’ll be able to send them over. Aiming to do so maximum on Wednesday. This has a been a challenging sculpt. I’m really glad with how it turned out 😀

Lastly, I really like the back and forth feedback that we can do in Discord. It’s easy to post screenshot updates quickly and get your opinions. If you’re not part of the Discord yet, please let me know and I’ll give you the invite link.

//11 April 2020

Here’s an update for our Captain Marvel VS Rogue. If you’ve watched my lenses, I blocked out the body types of both our ladies to make sure they’re different. Rogue with Alexandra Dadario’s face with a slimmer and longer physique and a busty chest and Captain America with Brie Larson’s face with a slightly beefier physique and smaller chest. I roughed out the colors too to help visualize how they’ll look. I also got to block out the pose as well. This was pretty difficult. It’s a complicated pose to keep believable and anatomically logical. I’ll keep pushing it though 🙂 I’m pretty happy how they’re coming along!

How do you like the progress? Would love to hear your insights in the comment section below.

//7 April 2020 

Hi everyone! As usual, I always start with a planning sheet to foresee how to tackle this challenge 😀 I’m keeping the pose from the original reference by Javier Charro but changing a few things. First I’m using Rogue’s classic outfit instead. I like it because its iconic and reminds me of my childhood. For Captain Marvels costume, I’ll stick to the latest design like in the concept but shinier and less loose. For the faces, I’ll loosely reference Alexandra Dadario as Rogue and Brie Larson as CM. I’ll use some angry portaits. I also kept some references from past existing sculpts from Sideshow as quality reference. I’m looking to make this amazing. The first stage I’ll need to do is the set up the pose. I’ll take the week then finalise that first 🙂 

What do you think? Would love to hear some insight!

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