April Monthly Loot

Winning by only 1 point, we have CAPTAIN MARVEL VS ROGUE for this month’s full body sculpt! (more surprises at the end)

This is going to be a very challenging sculpt but I’m definitely looking forward to it. I will upload my planning sheet for this and start the thread. Thank you everyone for participating in the poll. There were lots of great suggestions. Perhaps we can get them done throughout our time together.

The tally’s were so close. 2nd place was only 1 point below the winner. There so many great suggestions. That said, I’m listening to the feedback and the survey form from last month. Ya’ll made me realize I can’t always do things on my own while my goals are so big. I want to keep making more per-month content but make sure great quality is not sacrificed. Sometimes we need reinforcements. So, I’ve been trying to work things out in order to deliver more content to Genesis Collectibles this month and..

..I’m happy to say that Tifa and Aerith will be made in solo busts and Batwoman in a cute chibi!

So in total, for this April you’ll receive:

  • Captain Marvel VS Rogue Full Body Statue
  • Tifa Bust
  • Aerith Bust
  • Batwoman Chibi

The quality for all content will be as good or even better than the previous months. I’ll make sure everyone receives quality stuff 😀

I hope this makes you all excited and happy about the content in this Patreon. I hope everything goes well and we’ll be able to continue to improve this Patreon page. Also, check out the free month post to get our May content for free 🙂 Thanks again everyone.

– Gen.

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