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Thank you for those who gave encouraging words with my last post. I struggled with how to move forward and had rethink if I wanted to keep doing this. It’s a strange feeling knowing that someone here is a spy and is ripping me off every month. It’s not fair to you guys too because other people are benefiting from your support. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to discontinue. BUT, nevertheless, I was really encouraged with your comments.

That said, here are the changes to our page:


  • All rewards will be uniquely marked per person and sent to each person through the email that you used to sign up for Patreon.
  • If your files are shared and downloaded elsewhere, it will be traced back to you. Your info will be shared to all social media groups. We have people checking your social groups. And of course, you will be kicked out of this Patreon. Obviously.


  • The Superhero ($10) and Supervillain tier ($20) merges into one tier –  Heroes & Villains for $15. 

The Superhero tier will be available only until April 20. The Supervillain tier is already unpublished. It’s recommended that all current Supervillains join the Superhero tier until it ceases to exist on April 20, although all the support is definitely appreciated. The Superhero tier now acts as a special discount tier for Heroes & Villains only until April 20. When you change your subscription, your next bill will take the effect. Enjoy paying only $10 from May onwards for existing members as a reward. New members will be paying $15 from April 20 onwards.

  • The merged Heroes & Villains tier rewards are as follows:

All available Monthly Models in STL format every month

(NEW) Free access to 1 previously made model of your choice every month (see for images)

Ability to suggest next sculpts in polls

(NEW) Access to private stream sculpting through Discord

Hi-res renders of monthly loot

(NEW) Access to our Discord channel

  • Civilian Bystander tier will cease to exist and be unpublished on April 20.
  • Therefore, from April 20 onwards there’ll only be one tier – Heroes & Villains for $15.


  • Our Discord channel is now updated and running.  It’s much easier to discuss, share images/wip, and get notifications. I’ll be conducting our private stream sculpting there as well whenever I  work on our current sculpts. Discord will be a Patreon-only server.
  • Refer to this Patreon article to connect your Patreon to your Discord – 
  • Our FB Group is ongoing but not Patreon exclusive.

Free Month Promo

  • The free month of May promo is still running. Check previous Free Month post for details.

Website Launch

  • Lastly, on happier note, I launched my website. Feel free to check it out! Some of your prints are featured in the Prints Showcase page – 

I hope it’s all clear. Again, please don’t share our stuff. It’s not fair to you, our members, and myself.

Once you get in Discord, please message anything in the general-chat channel to notify that you got in. Thank you!

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