December Release – Mystique

Hi everyone! I’m pretty excited to send this one straight to the printer 😀 I think she turned out pretty nice. I also am glad we diverted from the initial placeholder I was going for with all the costumes of the X-men into Mystique. This is much cleaner looking and clearer. I’m also glad we didn’t push through with the hundreds of skulls for the base. I like this one better tremendously 😀 hope ya’ll caught the wolverine claws on the X. I was more going for that Mystique destroyed the X-men perhaps in disguise as rogue with some traces of battle in the base 😀

But yes off to the printer she goes. I hope you all like her! And now… time to make Gambit _ Rogue <3

All files have been sent 🙂 Please download your files from 2 sources – your Patreon inbox for all the unmarked files and your personal email for the marked torso file 🙂

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