January Release – Gambit + Rogue and Announcement

Woooaaaaah this is definitely excited to make as our first model of the year <3 I’ll be posting WIPs here again on Patreon as well as Discord. I feel like Discord is still better for comms but I’ll remember to post here in Patreon as well for extra visibility. So stay tuned for WIP stuff here. I’ll also be sometimes streaming on my Twitch – www.twitch.com/SweatyGambit so check in sometimes 🙂

In other news…

2020 was a rough year overall. But it was also a good year where I started this Patreon thing <3  I was able to meet all of you and have this community to share news, insights, progresses, and all that. Because of you guys, I was able to buy my first 3D printer at the end of the year. Some of ya’ll even helped me setup my first print! Although the year was horrible because of the pandemic, when it comes to meeting you all it was a blast. I never thought I would be able to start this and let alone have people that support and like the stuff I’m making. With all the heroes and statues we make, you all are my heroes for real (lol super cheese). I mean it though. So I thank you for building this community with me this past 2020. We’ve just started 😀 This 2021 will be even greater.

One thing I would like to do differently is when I release models. This past year, we would have our poll in the beginning of the month of its release, then send them out at the end of the month. Sometimes at the very end. This strategy doesn’t help me market the models enough. Instead, starting this Feb 2021, I’ll be releasing models at the beginning week of the month. This means I’ll be opening the suggestions poll for February’s models starting today and will gather the suggestions to make a poll on the 9th. The poll will run for a day and we’ll reach a verdict for our Feb model on the 10th. That way I’ll have enough time to model it in time for the beginning week of February release. Then, I’ll have enough time to print the model and market our model for the rest of February.

Another thing I have planned but not fully fleshed out yet are rewards for long time patrons. I’m still figuring out how to go about it but feel free to give out your suggestions in the #patreon-suggestions channel on Discord 🙂 I would love to give thanks to the patrons who’ve stayed throughout the months and of course to those who’ve stayed since the beginning. Ya’ll know who ya’ll are. I fully appreciate all the support, for real.

I’ll also be updating the goals of the Patreon. Not sure if ya’ll noticed but I started making 2 models a month even without reaching out 150 patron goal. I wanted to show ya’ll it would work even before reaching it. However, I’d really like to reach at least 100 before the end of February 🙂 Any help would be much appreciated!

There’s lots of things going on my head on how to make this place improve and get better. I’d love to hear your insight! Feel free to give your input in this retro https://forms.gle/AHbupA8eqVQQ7wq39 I would really appreciate it! <3

So yeah, I hope we make more kickass stuff 😀 I’m glad each and every one of you are here. Time to print Mystique lol 😀

Much love to you all,

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