First May Loot Crate Released!

Heya everyone! Gen here.

It’s been a hectic week for me. Thank you everyone for your patience! I’ll reply to all DMs in both Discord and Patreon this weekend. For what’s been happening IRL on my side, feel free to check out our Discord server in the patreon-all-chat and just-life 😀

In any case, I’m glad to announce our first loot crate! Now released on Friday night (ET) rather than after the weekend 😀 I’m super happy we’re trying to start releasing on either Friday night or Saturday morning 😀 this will have everyone get to print and paint in the weekends rather than weekdays.

For our Comic Book Releases, leading the way is our Painting Competition 2nd Place winner model, Old Man Logan! Thanks JesusHarly for picking this awesome character! Seems like yesterday I went to my local cbs and picked up his graphic novel. Maybe we should do the Hulk family or Hawkeye soon. With him, we have our next character for the Fantastic Four, the man himself, Mr. Fantastic! A Beetz head alt was also requested and voila, there she is! I must say, it suits her a little better than the original head. And of course we have our buggy eyed Hydra Goons also released in the April Loot Crate and C27 Vault!

For our Fantasy Release, we have the remains of the BODAK! Creepy looking fella. I laughed out loud when someone in the Discord server mentioned if that was a character from Scooby Doo. Kind of looks like it!

And for our Terrain Kit release, we continue our Murderville theme with a deadly Ring of Fire! Personally, I’d use this with a tiny ball to finger flick a goal haha. But of course you can use it in any way you wish 😀 With it, there is the mighty testing Strongman Hammer! Test your strength!! These two are tested in resin so feel free to print these out with your resin printers! And for a big size 5 terrain scatter… we have the Center Stage! What will happen in the arena? Only you can determine! 

Haha, that was fun. Enjoy all these releases! We’re already setting up our next release for next weekend. Thanks again for everyone’s patience!

You can find these files in your MMF’s Objects Shared With Me under the C27 Minis & Terrain drop down. Make sure to accept the invite link in your email’s inbox or spam folder. It’s the email you used for this Patreon account 😀

Thanks again, and have a good weekend everyone!

C27 Minis & Terrain

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