Get A Free Month!

Hi everyone! Thanks again for going through the Patreon survey. One of the suggestions that I really liked is to have a prize for a free month for my patrons. So let’s do this!

Here’s how it goes: 

Get either 1 friend subscribe to this Patreon for April and May straight OR get 2 friends to subscribe for this April and get May for free. I will hit the refund button on your current pledge on May and you can still get the May sculpts.

1. SHARE – Share this Patreon page in your Facebook/Instagram and liking and tagging our FB page or Instagram page
2. SUBSCRIBE – Get 1 friend to subscribe to Superhero for April and May OR get 2 friends to subscribe to at Superhero for April
3. MESSAGE – Tell them to message me who referred them (your Patreon name) in this page’s Patreon Inbox
4. AVAIL – Avail the free month of May!

**BONUS** Whoever has the most catchy/funny/outstanding/impressive SHARE post will get a free month regardless of a friend referral! One winner will be chosen at the end of the month. Be sure to like and tag our FB Page or Instagram page so we can see the share post!

Enjoy! Hope everyone can participate! Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 

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