Hazard Room Game Mat! [Public]

Heya C27 Patreon Fam 😀 

Surprise! This is something Tacos and I have been talking about behind the scenes. We were thinking that besides the characters and terrain models, another thing to be able to have a level up experience is a game mat! 

This game mat is 3ft by 3ft in full resolution that you have 2D printed. It compliments our Hazard Room Terrain Models that is currently test printing for October supporters. They will be sent out after our successful test prints to your Patreon inbox 🙂

Patreon fam, feel free to download this full resolution in our private post here:

We would love your feedback! Is this something cool? Something we should try to continue? How can we improve this? We’d love your insight 😀

It’s truly our goal to keep leveling up our Patreon with you all <3

We appreciate you,
Gen and Tacos

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