November Terrain Kit Release

Heyya Everyone!

I’ve just updated the Terrain folders for Gold, Platinum & Omega Tier.
Not everything is test printed yet. We bought another printer, and it just arrived! this will speed up the test printing of the Terrain kits 😀
I will keep on updating this thread until every object is test printed.

November Pack
-Lamp Post (Size1)
-Crates (Size 2)
-Cargo Container (Size3)
-Tower (Size 4)
-Generator (Size 4)

You can find the download link here:
Download Link:

Hope you enjoy!
Stay tuned for the December The Promised Asteroid Pack 😀



We’ve just released the first Size 1 scatter for our Terrain Kit <3 We can expect this type of art direction of the rest of the scatters! 

Patreon True Believers, please go to this patreon post to access the download link!
Download Link:

Gen & Tacos


Giving you some WIP screenshots and updates for the Terrain Kit!

-Planet Mutant(help me with the name 🙁 ) will be divided into 2 packs November and December Pack
-Moving forward, C27 terrain released theme will always contain size 1-5 objects
-Metrics reference used for C27 terrain.
-Bonus Asteroid base for those who stayed November and December
-There will be a game mat for Planet Mutant

Planet Mutant really got me when I was looking at the references. To fully realize this we decided to release it in 2 packs, just for the November and December release.
There will be 5 terrain assets for each month. (see picture for the list)
Along with this decision, we are also going to make sure that the pack contains Sizes 1-5 to be able to support the game mechanics better.
The Metrics used was from the base game kit, so they are pretty close in sizes. This will be the starting point of the measurements we are going to use in the terrain kit.
And lastly we are going to add a bonus, Asteroid game mat riser. this will lift your whole game mat to approx 60mm height just to add that extra asteroid feel 😉
This will be available for those who stayed for the month of November and December.

Feel free to message/comment here or in discord if you have any cool suggestions or ideas you want to see in the Terrain Kit.


//Nov 2

C27 Fam!

Since Father Magnets will be the one of the release for November.

We’ll give him the home court advantage! 😀
Really excited to take on the Galactic theme for the terrain. 

Do you have any suggestion for the name of the kit?
Let us hear it, comment down below. 😀


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