July Release Previews!

Are you ready to see what we’ll be making for July? 😀 It’s gonna be an epic month!

Gen here! We’ve gathered what we’ll be making this July with your support. Thank you for all the suggestions in our Discord server! We’ve finalized our list and we’re excited! Check them out below!

Hell yeah!!

For our Comic Characters, we have an amazing lineup!

Spiderwoman for our Spidey roster, Punisher for our street heroes, Gorr for our cosmic villain, Sunfire for our AoA roster, our own Sue Storm for our F4 lineup, Rictor for our X-Force, Aurora for our Alpha Flight, Valkyrie for our Thor universe, Drax for our Guardians, and Warlock for our X-Factor! And for our goons, we’ll be making Atlantis Soldiers! Overall, how exciting!

For our Fantasy characters we have:

Demon Spawn, Medusa, Mane, Adaru, and Arrow Demon! Gooey and villainy!

And for our Terrain, we’re switching it up this month with a whole category of vehicles!

We’ll have the Fantasticar, Spider-Mobile, Thanos Copter, Skateboard, Kick Scoother, Bike, Bike Rack, and two Crashed Cars! Gonna be epic!

And of course, all these are our fan art versions of them (hehe).

Looking forward to making these! Our next goal for our Patreon is to reach 900! We’re already prepping our reward release so feel free to invite your friends 😀 Gonna be absolutely smashing 😀 and oh, we still have one more set of releases coming on the 30th for June subs, stay tuned hehe

C27 Minis & Terrain

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