More Releases for June Subs!!

Heya everyone!! πŸ˜€ Adding more releases to our June Loot Crate!! πŸ˜€Β 

Gen here πŸ™‚ Thank you everyone for the support this June! I’m super happy to showcase the minis and terrain we’ve just released in our MMF for you all heheΒ 

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

I love all the alt names for this run! Congrats to Cyporiean, Jerridan, and astranderdanger for the awesome names! haha i love them.

I’m gonna put more time into Iron Man and Ghost Rider (Cosmic Version) before releasing them. I don’t want to rush them just to make the release. They’ll be available for all June subs this weekend in MMF. Thank you for your patience!

But yeah! Enjoy all these releases <3 We also made new base toppers AND the underwater city Game Mat! Quick reminder that we have a partnership discount code with Deep Cut Studio to get your game mats printed!

1. Simply download the game mat from the C27 Vault in your integrated MyMiniFactory account.
2. Go to their site and select Print-O-Mat in the header
3. Insert our C27 Game Mat file
4. Fill in the necessary information
5. Put C27MINIS in the discount code option to avail your discount!

Enjoy everyone! As we go into July, we’re super excited to get to our July releases! The first of July releases will start being released on July 10! πŸ˜€ Our goal for July is to hit 900 patrons! πŸ˜€ We’re already prepping what we’ll releases for the celebration hehe

Thanks again everyone!

C27 Minis & Terrain

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