June Model Votes!

 Hi everyone! Welcome to June! 😀 It’s been a wild ride and I’m so glad to go through the thrill with you all. Thank you also for filling in the survey 🙂 You all make REALLY GOOD points that I’ll be sure to implement 😀 I appreciate it a lot!

One of the major feedback was to focus on quality and not quantity. So this month I really want to do that. I’ll be making a solo model for our model of the month and of course one of the ladies in our upcoming diorama.

It’s time to vote on our June release sculpt! As usual, you can vote more than once. Please check out all the photos for our choices before you vote. The choice with the highest votes gets sculpted for May right after voting closes on June 3!

There’s a lot of suggestions. I’ve compiled all our suggestions from Patreon comments and Discord. We’ve hit the maximum allowed number of poll options to put in Patreon’s poll so I put together the similiar options. If an option wins the votes, we’ll have a quick separate poll for it.

References (Click names for photos):
Photos may not be final poses or design yet. It’s just a general feel for the characters then for us to explore afterwards

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