June Model Reward – Red Sonja!

// July 1

Phew! Red Sonja has been marked and sent to everyone. She was definitely a beauty to make. The whole time making her I’ve been reading up on Gail Simone’s omnibus and man what a badass she is. I’m glad I was able to capture the essence of the infamous she-devil. Her pose was quite difficult though. Trying to balance her on the horse yet make her feel like she’s in control, and also not make it look like she’s falling off, that took some iterations. I’m so glad for our Discord server and for you guys giving your feedback and patience 😀 You guys really help a lot. Thank you!! Perhaps one day I can revisit her. I feel like I have just touched the iceberg of how amazing she should be sculpted. At the moment, I’m really glad on how she turned out. I’m excited to see your prints! Now, on to our next one… STEAMPUNK GOTHAM CITY SIRENS!!!!! Post coming soon! Thank you everyone that has supported our June model 🙂 Let’s continue to make our first DIORAMA!

// June 29
Hi everyone Red Sonja is done!I’m in the process of cutting and keying then will mark her files. I’ll be sending her over tomorrow to the emails you used to sign up for Patreon. If you’d like me to send them to a different email please message me! 😀 Will make a final post after sending them all 😀


Good day to all! Hope you are doing alright esp with everything that’s going on. Here’s the initial planning sheet for our Red Sonja. I’ve been reading Gail Simone’s run on her and actually really enjoying it. I’m thankful for you all here because I get to read up characters I haven’t indulged in before. She’s really such a badass hahaha i love her. A stubborn badass warrior haha I really wanna do her with her horse from the omnibus I was reading like in this picture. I remember taking up an online class on creature and animal anatomy and this would take me back brush on my animal anatomy. I’m pretty thrilled to make this I was 50/50 with either doing her on a horse or battling a snake but there’s soooo many red sonja’s either battle a snake or killed a snake. I guess I wanted ours to be different.

The base will be the same with the original image with standing pikes, weapons, and flags. Perhaps skulls on the ground too, I’m not too sure.   She’ll come with 4 weapon variations for her right hand – battle axe, large battle axe. comics sword, and classic movie sword.  For her anatomy, I’m pretty much keeping in the way she is in the illustration with references from JennaLyn Meowri. Basically a tall, muscular (but not she-hulk muscular), and yet still sexy. For the face I’ll loosely base it off the beautiful Katheryn Winnick.  I hope you all will like this 

I’ll be starting on her tomorrow and in the weekend, stream in our discord #live-scheduling Let me know how you see this plan!

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