Last February Weekend Loot Crate!

And here we are! Our last loot crate of February. Wow this has been such an awesome month! We’re so happy with the community that’s growing and is very supportive of the stuff that we’re making 😀 

We have 4 character minis and a number of terrain kits that’s available now in our MAB download!

For our character minis, we have the Crimson Sorceress, Scarlet Sitcom, Crimson Clone, and Sandy Cheeks! Hahaha or they’re given names Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Spider, and Sandman.

For our terrain kits, feast your eyes on our Size 5 gigantua… the Brooklyn Bridge! Holy this thing is huge! We have also have smaller terrain modules like a shopping cart, a food cart, a traffic warning machine, a kiosk, and a transformer box. All these to the theme of these past 2 months of the big city! 😀

You can now download all these and our past February Weekends releases in our Loot Crates below 😀

Gold Tier Download Post (Character Minis only):

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post (Character Minis + Terrain Kits):

All in all we released a bunch of awesome stuff this February <3

Character Minis:
– The Balding Eagle (Vulture)
– Crimson Clone (Scarlet Spider)
– Crimson Sorceress (Scarlet Witch)
– Daystaker (Blade)
– Honey Biscuit (Puck)
– Sandy Cheeks (Sandman)
– Satellite Winters (Cable)
– Scarlet Sitcom (Wanda Maximoff)
– Shegorro (Spiral)
– Spider in the Shell (Peni Parker and Sp//dr)
– The Human Dorito (Strong Guy)

Terrain Kits:
– ATM Machine
– Park Bench
– Shopping Cart
– Food Cart
– Steam Pole
– Traffic Warning
– Transformer Box
– Kiosk
– Brooklyn Bridge

We’re so happy with all the releases and I’m glad that your happy about them too!

We’re currently test printing Sandy Cheeks for 65mm, the Kiosk, and Food Cart. We’ll provide all the presupported files after test prints 😀

As for the Brooklyn Bridge, wew dang it’s huge! 😀 but feel free to print more than 1 😀 we’ve made it modular where each side could be printed to connect and at the same time we prodivded a destroyed version of the platform where it could end 🙂 Have a blast! No pun intended 😛

Remember, the download links for all of February will be sent to your Patreon Inbox by March 1 as the download links in our download posts will be removed 🙂

Thanks again everyone! We have more awesome stuff for March 😀 you have no idea 😉 We’re glad to build and grow this community and bring gamers, printers, painters, and all lovely people together! 😀 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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