March is here!

Hey there 🙂 I’m glad you’re here for March. I had a blast creating content this past first month of Patreon. Thanks for taking the risk with me! At first, I was seriously questioning if I would be able to do it. After a month, I’m honestly better because of the reception you’ve given and the encouraging words that has been shared. 

I’ve had lots of thinking these past weeks on the possibilities and potential this platform can provide. A few thoughts come across like perhaps if this grows enough, I’ll be able to buy my own 3D printer, train to paint them, mold and cast limited copies and ship over some to you guys. I’ve been encouraged with how this past first month went and so excited to how this can keep going. 

For those who renewed your pledge this March, and for those new, I welcome and appreciate you.. SO much. Lost dreams found its way to the path of hope again because of you.

I’m looking forward to making new stuff this month and give them to you first before anyone else online. Apart from the voted sculpt on the month (which is due tomorrow, cast your votes now), I’ll try to work on other things as well to make sure you get more than 1 statue a month. Also, I was thinking maybe in the next months, why don’t we try a duo statue? Something like a couple? Or fighting each other? Something we can vote on in the future. What do you think?

Again, welcome to the March content! Magik will be the first sculpt that you’ll get this month. For backstory of how she came to my plate, feel free to check out my post regarding her 🙂 

– Gen.

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