March Poll Closed! We have a winner!


1 day left everyone! Be sure to case your vote for a pose for Wave!


The poll has been closed and winning by ONE point, we have..

Wave! A recently released hydrokenetic hero from Marvel Comics.

Origin Story
Pearl Pangan grew up by the beach on Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines. She displayed a strong affinity for water at an early age, becoming a swimmer full of promise and Olympic potential; however, obstacles in life turned her aside from that path. While working at a fast food chain, Pearl was approached by a representative of the company AlonTech who had learned of her from her high school’s swim team records. AlonTech used Pearl’s swimming expertise for experiments.

Unbeknownst to Pearl, AlonTech were a nefarious organization which was eventually targeted by the Triumph Division. During the Divisions’ assault on AlonTech Lab, Pearl was drenched in water an exposed to energies of unknown origin, granting her the ability to control water. Pearl tried to hold off the attackers, but was taken out; eventually learning where AlonTech really stood. The group of heroes took Pearl in, and helped her figure out how to use her new powers, becoming a superhero known as Wave. 

Source: Marvel Fandom 

Now that the character is final, let’s vote on the pose and props around her! 🙂 Poll will be open only until March 7. This time, only one vote allowed per person.

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