More Additions to our June Loot Crates!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀

Super excited to showcase our releases this weekend! It’s a beautiful thing looking at all our releases so far! I love how it’s all coming together and we’re not even done yet! We will have one more set of releases on the 30th!

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

Three additional minis for our comic releases are our fan art versions of Gamora (Titan Daughter), Ghost Rider (Hell’s Angel), and Luke Cage (Sweet Yuletide)! Haha you all make the best names. Our Gamora adds to our Guardians lineup with the same costume line with our previously releases Star-Lord fan art mini as well 😀 Our Ghost rider fan art mini will come in 2 versions! This badass biker and the cosmic version as well. I’m still working on the cosmic version 🙂 And for our Street Heroes series we have our Luke Cage mini! 

We have an additional fantasy mini with our Gargoyle! Forge doesn’t an amazing job with our Fantasy releases.  We have one more mini lined up for our fantasy release! 😀

And adding to our terrain releases this month, we have these awesome coral filled scatters!!! Enjoy making your underwater terrain kit with even more releases coming this week!

So yeah 😀 I’m super happy with our current releases. We still have more to go! I’ll be uploading our previous month’s releases this weekend, so for those looking to get those, keep a lookout! 😀

Hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Thank you again for your amazing support. We’ll be announcing our July releases very soon!! Feel free to suggest what you want us to make in our Discord server! 😀 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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