New Additions to our January Loot Crate!

Heya everyone!

These test prints came out CRISP! Dang I’m so happy with the depth of Mr Boom’s clothing. I feel like we’re getting the hand of how deep cuts should be in order for it to be seen on our prints. I’m also reaaaally loving how The Walking Rug’s fur looks when printed!

Gold Tier Download Post:

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post:

When inserting Mr. Boom’s “Boom” effect, be careful as to not break his fingers! it’s possible to insert the full hand when wiggling it in, but it’s safer to glue it on with right before his thumb.

For the Walking Rug, there are some mini supports around his face and fur. Try to take then off before priming if possible. Although their not too distracting from the overall sculpt.

These were all printed using the Elegoo Mars 3, layer height at 0.04, exposure at 3s, and lift speed at 60.

I’ve included the Lychee Scene in the January Loot Crate > Lychee Scenes folder for easy access.

I’ve also included the 7z zipped pack files so it’s lighter when downloading 😀

I’ll be releasing our last 2 minis tomorrow! They’re going through their final phase and will be test printed tonight 🙂

C27 Minis & Terrain

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