February Minis Release Preview

Heya everyone! So glad ya’ll liked our recent Puertomadremoo VS The Odd Surgeon achievement release <3 While waiting for our last minis releases for January (releasing this weekend), here’s a preview of what we’ll be releasing this February!

The Clone’s Son
Red Witch
Bald(ish) Muscle Man
Tiny Muscle Ball
Lady “I have multiple arms”
Jacket Arachnid
Anime Arachnid
Vampire Killer
Grains of Rocks Man
Old Scavenger

Haha i tried but ya’ll definitely do make better names. 

How do you like our list for February? 😛 We’ll also be having another model made that will be free to everyone in the 3D printing for MCP Facebook group. I’ll be gathering 10 suggestions from there, and setting up a poll here with our community. I’ll also prepare for our 600 patreon achievement reward.. just in case <3

I appreciate you all,
C27 Minis & Terrain

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