New Releases in our July Loot Crates!

Heya everyone! 😀 Gen here!

I’m super happy to share our releases for this weekends addition to our July Loot Crates! I’m also happy to see that adding WIP channels in our Discord server is doing well! We’ll try to keep posting what we’re working for everyone to check out 🙂

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

If you haven’t connected to Patreon to Discord yet, simply go to the Profile Settings in the top right of the Patreon Website, then under the Apps tab, Connect your Discord! Patrons also get special access to a few channels like our monthly suggestions so be sure to connect 😀

If you’re not a patron, feel free to join as well as we have plenty of public channels 🙂 You can use this link to join –

I’m also experimenting with new style renders to give it some depth and background for our different releases (comic, fantasy, and terrain). I hope you like them! 

For our comic releases this weekend, alongside our Homelander fan art that we released earlier in the week, we have…

McPunish Face! Named by eyalswalrus!

Lady Web! Named by Thor!

McPunish FaceFingerbang! Named by Predat0rPrime!

And Self-Friend! Named by Cyporiean!

And for our Fantasy releases, we have…


And Mane!

And of course, for our vehicle release in our terrain side, we have..

The Amazing Arachnid Jeep!

Man… HOW AMAZING ARE THIS WEEK’S RELEASES! Haha even I’m pumped 😛 They look so good!

For our jeep, it’s cut in pieces fit for both resin and FDM. AAAAND, the wheels CAN ROLL! Haha, Tacos has done an amazing job spearheading this 😀 

ENJOY everyone! 😀 We have our final July releases next weekend 😀 Stay up to date in our Discord server!

And also remember we have a new website launch! Feel free to check that out as well 😀 

Have a good weekend everyone! 😀 


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