Our New Website is now LIVE!!!!

Behold!!! We finally have a website!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀 I’m so glad to announce the BETA Launch for our new WEBSITE! I had to learn how to make it from scratch (thank God for YouTube!) and test it out thoroughly! I’m quite happy with how it turned out! 


Our website is now our new webstore as well! Here you can finally Add to Cart and get our stuff in one payment cart. Finally! 😀 Our comic releases, fantasy releases, and terrain kits are now in one site now too! 

So yeah feel free to check it out! As patrons, you can use your 30% discount code that can be found for June-July here:


We will also run a 20% discount for the general public as a Website Launch coupon code until the 31st of July! The code is C27LAUNCH.

The only running issue that I can’t figure out is why the text field in the login pop up is linked to Patreon and will open our Patreon site. I’m still figuring this out. If you have any ideas pleaaaaase let me know how I can fix it! The workaround for now is to just close the Patreon site in the new tab and type in the login text field immediately without clicking it with your mouse. Then use the tab button on your keyboard to be able to print in the password field then press Enter when you’re done.

More plans to integrate to our new website:

  • Patreon only access 
  • Patreon integrated releases
  • Patreon pages
  • and more

Hell yeah. I’m super happy to finally announce this. I’ve been working on this for quite some time. If you have any suggestions with how to improve, please let me know in our Discord server! Which is also now more open to the general public!

Join our Discord server here:

Thanks again everyone!


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