November Rewards

Man, what a month. From power outages, to typhoons, and loss of internet, it’s been crazy. However, I’m still so glad we were able to work on both EMMA FROST and the first part of our The Seven Diorama – HOMELANDER!

I’m really happy how they turned out. Our artist who did Emma did a splendid job. We also appreciate all the feedback from our Discord server to make her character both credible and beautiful! She turned out awesome! This month I’ll also try to incorporate her diamon form transformation and an alternative cape 🙂 keep yourselves on the lookout!

And Homelander, DAMN, I enjoyed making him so much 😀 From the pose, the face, THE HAIR, the costume details, and designing the base with our concept artist Gjorne. Like damn, I super enjoyed it. Can’t wait to add more of the Seven into the diorama 😀 Hope ya’ll noticed the milk bottle on the base 😛 also the Vought logo at the side. At the back, there’s like a sewer looking thing that will connect to a water base for The Deep 🙂 perhaps in month 3? 😀 But first, I’ll work on QUEEN MAEVE this month 🙂

Hope you liked them 🙂 I believe all members has been sent their marked files. Please remember our process:

– Unmarked files are sent to Patreon inbox for everyone to download with one link

– Marked files are sent to personal emails used to sign up for Patreon. These files are crucial to building the figure and are marked solely to you for safe keeping and easy tracking.

Also, please join our Discord server if you haven’t already 😀

Thank you all so much! On to December! 

Much love to you all
– Gen

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