October Releases & November Release Update

For October:

Hi everyone! Thank you for the messages 😀 I’m doing alright although lots to cleanup outside my house and my open garage. The typhoon hit HARD! There’s broken trees on the roads and lots of debris scattered around. My wife and I are safe though 🙂 Also I’m so glad my PC didn’t short circuit. We had power outages throughout the entire storm and I was stubborn to keep turning it on to make renders. After though it turned out okay and I’m happy to show to renders for this Octobers two models – Lady Mechanika and Queen Wonder Woman <3 I’m so happy how they turned out and I’m even more excited to see you guys print her!

For November:

Thank you for joining our poll last week! I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be working on two models again this month! I will do my best to release them by the 2nd to 3rd week so more people can join and get them 🙂

Our first model, winning no.1 in our poll – Emma Frost, the crystal queen! She’s a very interesting character and I’ll do my best to make her different that the usual Emma Frost figures out here. 😀
Also, We will be doing a new diorama! The Seven, starting with Homelander 🙂 I’ve gotten Gjorne to whip up a rough blockout of what we’ll be doing but I’ll get started on him right away 😀 I learned a lot with our Sirens diorama and I’m looking forward to implementing the new workflow that I’ll do 😀 

Will post updates soon 🙂 Feel free to give feedback and suggestions in our Discord!

Much love to all of you
– Gen

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