Now Released & entering the C27 Vault.. STANK MAN!

Heya everyone! Gen here.

Stank Man has been pre-supported and tested! Seriously, the best name (Thanks MattoMattick!)

He’s already available for all June subs through the June Loot Crate in MMF and also available for those who sub this month through the C27 Vault in MMF as well! I’ll also be finishing up Cosmic Ghost Rider soon and will keep you updated in our Discord!

We also have our first July Loot Crate this weekend! WHO’S EXCITED? ME! haha! Any guesses who’s gonna be released first?

For the full list of what’s inside the C27 Vault, feel free to check this post- 

Appreciate you all! 😀 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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