Welcoming July and C27 Vault Additions!

Heya everyone! Gen here!

Welcome to July!! 😀 We’re so happy with all the sculpts we’ve already made this year! Are you enjoying them too? What’s your favorite mini so far? Comment it below!

As we enter into July, we have MORE additions to our C27 Vault! Our Vault is massive already and we love adding into it as each month goes by. So our models that are entering into the Vault for all patrons moving forward are:

– Loganson (Daken)
– Duct-tective (Howard the Duck)
– Involuntary Stockholm-ies (Hostages)
– Gargoyle
– Underwater Base Toppers
– Underwater City Game Mat
– Barrel Barnacle (Size 1 Terrain Scatter) 

For everyone that’s new, WELCOME! Enjoy the massive library available to you in the C27 Vault. For a full list of what’s inside the vault. check out this post! 


Again, we’re so happy with your support. Our goal this month is to reach 900 patrons! Can you help us? We’re already prepping for our Patreon goal release. Can you guess what it is? 😀 Let’s reach 900 and find out!

Remember, we’ll be making these this month! Are you excited? BECAUSE WE ARE!!!


Our first set of Loot Crate releases will be out on the 10th of July!! 😀 Stay tuned! It’s gonna be a good one 😀

C27 Minis & Terrain

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