October Release Models!

Heya everyone! 😀 I’m excited to introduce our release this month as it’s going to be TWO FULL MODELS! I really want to expand and grow our Patreon and I believe this is the way to go for now. We still have our goals but I want to give more first and hope to reach our goals this way. I’m hoping for this community to grow further so I can keep giving out two models a month. If we reach 100 patreons this month, I’ll add miniatures to Novembers line-up!

Our two models are:

  • La Dama De La Muerta – Lady Mechanika (1st place poll winner!)
  • Queen WonderWoman (2nd place poll winner)

Since I’m giving two models out this month, for those came in mid-way of our Steampunk Diorama, here are your options to get Harley Quinn!

Option 1 – Choose one of the releases this month (Lady Mechanika or Queen WW) and get Harley Quinn as well to receive TWO models this month
Option 2 – Receive both releases of the month and buy Harley off my CGTrader store at the same price of 15USD with a promo code as if you were subscribed to this Patreon in July. It will be in the CGTrader store by the middle of the month.

Please message me in my Patreon inbox or Discord DM with your option choice for those who wanna get Harley!

SO YEAH! 😀 Let’s get on with this month’s models! Our suggestion thread in Discord is up! Feel free to add in your suggestions there and the new miniature poll suggestions as well 😛 Just thinking ahead in case we meet 100 patreons this month! 😀 

Much love to you all <3
– Gen

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