November Releases Poll!

Alright, I have to say.. It was SO HARD for me to pick from all your awesome suggestions. It took me a few days to narrow down to top 5 that really stirs that inspiration and passion. Seriously, any of these are seriously awesome. It was so hard to narrow down my top 10 to 5 lol

If any of the dioramas win, we’ll start with one character for November 🙂

Also, I removed the one option only. But please vote at most 3 😛

Click these links for larger images 🙂
1. The Seven Diorama (from The Boys), will have action poses
2. Street Sharks Diorama, childhood memories
3. Emma Frost, the ice queen badass
4. C17 and C18, could be our first anime figure
5. Brom’s Red Wing, anatomically and detail-ly beautiful

Again, I appreciate all your support. You all have made this journey worthwhile and I value each one of you 🙂


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