Our 2nd Week Releases Are Now Live in MMF!


Our releases are finally live! 😀 Gosh that took a long time 😀 MMF customer support was helpful. Thanks Cyporiean for the invite to their MMF server!

Enjoy everyone!!! 😀 This is the first releases of our fantasy minis. I absolutely love the suggestions in our discord server about future fantasy releases 😀 there are a few ideas that that i’d love to explore with Forge 😀 watch out for more fantasy news 😀

Also, alongside our Sling Shocker mini release, Tacos has provided these AWESOME token-like assets – the webbed up backpack and the webbed up camera 😀 such a cool addition! Enjoy everyone 😀 For me, I’ll stick it around our house 😛 

More updates and releases this weekend! 😀 Can’t wait to see your prints and paints of these releases 😀



Heya everyone!

We have lots of goodies for our 2nd release this month however it seems that MMF’s servers are quite slow in uploads for the past five hours. For now, check out all these awesome renders of our releases 😀 We already have our first Fantasy content ready! Like mentioned in our big announcement post, there’s no new tier to go to. The fantasy releases are already part of your subscription 😀 We are also not removing any content 😀 Our goal is to keep adding and adding more content!

But yeah, I’ll keep re-trying until they’re all uploaded to MMF 🙂  I appreciate your patience in this as I’m also quite frustrated with the long uploads. Hopefully it quickens soon! I can’t wait for everyone to check out this weekend’s loot! 😀 I’ll notify everyone once all the uploads are up 🙂

C27 Minis & Terrain

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