The Big Announcement!

Heya everyone! 😀 Gen here!

Yes, you heard that right! First and foremost, let’s welcome our new C27 partner – Forge! We’re so happy that Forge has joined our team. He is a long time freelance sculptor and one of the best I personally know. He is an amazing artist as is an awesome friend. Tacos and I are blessed to have him onboard C27 <3 Let’s all welcome.. FORGE!

As the tagline suggests..

“As the dogs of doom bark at the doors of destiny, so shall we expand to forge our legacy.”

C27 Minis & Terrain is now expanding its scope. As I head the Comic Characters releases and Tacos heads the Terrain Kit releases, I’m happy to announce that we’ll now have Fantasy releases headed by Forge!

Our fantasy releases will be focused on monsters and playable characters for those familiar with Dungeons & Dragons or similar RPG or tabletop games.

What does this mean for us?

The fantasy releases are already included in all your pledged supports 🙂 There isn’t an added tier to go to or change to. Whichever tier you are in now, you will have additional access to the Fantasy character releases alongside the Comic Characters and Terrain Kit releases. Goliath Barbarian, Hobgoblin, and the Devourer will be ready for you at this weekend’s MMF release 🙂 There’ll also be more fantasy releases coming next weekend!

😀 I’m always looking for opportunities for us to grow here at C27 and I believe this is the right step forward. I’m always eager to make sure that your pledged support for us at C27 is getting better and better. Tacos, Forge, and I are always appreciative of you all! We’ll have more and more upgrades to our Patreon studio and we’re so happy that you all are in this journey with us 😀

Stay tuned for the releases! And let’s all welcome Forge!

C27 Minis & Terrain

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