Puertamadremoo VS The Odd Surgeon Released!

Heya everyone!

Wew! After hours of print batches, our 500 Patreon Achievement is finally finished test printing! All test prinst came out super well as you can see above 😀 Gosh this makes me so happy to see them it formed together haha! Don’t mind that our Puertamadremoo and Odd Surgeon is a different color. I just primed them to make pop out more hehe. 

These are all printed on the Elegoo Mars 3 with 0.05 layer height 2.5 exposure for the base modules and 0.04 layer height 3 exposure. All with 60 lift speed.

Remember, you can go over to the 7z Pack folder and download those instead since 7z zipped files are much smaller 🙂

Feel free to download them in the C27 Vault > Custom Dioramas > Pwertamadremoo VS The Odd Surgeon folder.

Gold Tier Download Post:

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post:

Here’s the naming of the STLs so you can form it on your side as well with ease 🙂

There are smaller modules like the barrels and books but you can place them anywhere you like and print as many as you like too! 😀 

I’ve also included the Lychee Scenes of all the batches for Puertamadremoo, Odd Surgeon, and all the bases. Make sure to check out the Lychee Scenes folder to get them!

For the base modules, the Lychee Scene includes notes where it shows with group they belong to when printing. Simply hover over the icon next to the name to see which group it belongs to.

Along with the individual presupported files, I’ve also included the batch files where you can just load those and they’ll be laid out properly for the size of an Elegoo Mars 3 print bed or equivalent and bigger. 

I’ve also included the holes files where you could load up and set as holes in both the batch files and individual presupported files.

Simply import the presupported_holes file and go over to the Hollow section in the Prepare tab, and select on for Object is a hole.

I’ve also included a stage where all the modules can placed onto. Ideally these are printed in FDM but I’ve also included cut parts to accommodate resin prints. I’ve cut it both in halves and in quarters. Feel free to use any that fit your needs 🙂

So yeah 😀 I’m so happy that we’ve reached 500! I’m already thinking about what to make for 600. Perhaps the biggest character yet? 😛 We’ll see hehe

I’m always thinking on how we can improve this Patreon and expand 😉 When Tacos and I have more finalized plans. We’ll let everyone know. For now, you’re only seeing the beginning of C27 <3

Super appreciate you all! Happy printing! 😀

C27 Minis & Terrain

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