August Reward Model – Steampunk Poison Ivy (Month 2 out of 3 Diorama)

What a joy it was working on the Honey Trap of Gotham – Poison Ivy <3 I’m happy with how her body type is different from Harley and captures the feel of her expression as well.  I also enjoyed working on Frank, the plant head 😛 Such a good suggestion from our Patreon member Larry. I’m really glad our Patreon members are active in giving feedback and letting me know where it’s going well and where to improve. I really appreciate you all! Our Discord private group is thriving and it’s all because you all. Thanks for keeping me motivated and encouraging me along the way. I’ve also recently started streaming on Twitch and ya’ll helped me get to unlocking Affliate from sculpt streaming 🙂 Thank you so much! This month, the sculpting tier opened up and I’m so glad to be able to share you with what I know with sculpting and help guide you all in your sculpting journeys. 

Now, the love of Bruce Wayne, the ever sneaky, and cunning… Selina Kyle! Oof, I’m excited about her <3 Gjorne has done a beautiful job with the concept. I’ll be making a new post for her 🙂 It’s the final month of our 3-month diorama!

What shall we do next? <3 I learned so much in making our first diorama that I would love to make another. With everything I’ve learned in making this diorama, I believe I can make an even better one next. For Oct/Nov/Dec perhaps? Let’s discuss in Discord!

Much love for you all

// 31 August

Ivy is finally done! She’s going through the marking and sending process. Expect a patreon inbox email before end of day (CDT) on getting her files! <3 


Harley was such a good success! Now it’s time for part 2 of our 3-month diorama series… The honey trap of Gotham (well put Aeternyx!)… STEAMPUNK POISON IVY!

The biggest challenge here would be making sure both Ivy and her integrates well with Harley. I’m gonna first do some blockouts of the base and a quick rough pose of Ivy in the next day or two and put up shots on our Discord server. Once we have the base well integrated with a desired pose I can work much easier from there. I’m excited to challenge myself with making the most sexiest sultry woman of the greeeeeen. This is going to be fun!

(side note) To be clear, our diorama series is a 3-month project that requires a 3-month subscription. This means that you’ll need to be subscribed for either each of the the ongoing series or 3 continuous months succeeding if you’ve just subscribed this month 🙂 

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