July Reward Model – Steampunk Gotham City Sirens Diorama Part1of3 – Harley Quinn

Greetings Heroes and Villains alike! I’m excited to introduce our FIRST MODULAR DIORAMA – STEAMPUNK GOTHAM CITY SIRENS!

Each month we’ll dive deep into the industrial steampunk realm and at the end of the month, one of our beauties attached to a modular piece resurfaces our of the smoke. Our concept artist Gjorne has already started with the concepts. Thank you for your participation and votes in our Discord server 😀 It’s been really helpful in the creative process. If you’re not part of the Discord server yet, please please please get it on it now! Message me if you need an invite link. It should be automatic for your Patreon to connect to the server 😀

Our first beauty I’ll get started with this July is… the playful, smart, pathological psychologist Harley Quinn! (side note: have you seen the animated series in DC Universe? Hilarious!) So we got Gjorne to whip up some amazing costume design and after some back and forth with me and our server, I’m really glad with what he came up with. I’ll be making her and her throne this July. The planning for the modular piece is gonna be challenging but definitely worth it.  

Poison Ivy will be next, and Catwoman to follow after that 😀 To get all three modular parts, you’ll need to be a patron for the next three months 🙂 

I’m so so so excited for us to go through this together. A diorama with a theme not tapped into, with the sexiest and iconic trio that has entered comics. Harley, dear, let’s have some fun.

// 26 July 2020

Posting this work in progress shot. Thanks for all the feedback in our Discord channel <3 Be sure to get in there! She’ll be ready and available at the end of the week.

// 30 July 2020

Uploaded some quick BPR renders 😀 She’s currently getting cut and keyed then will get mark and sent in a few hours! 😀 Thank you everyone for your support <3 

// 31 July 2020

Files are being sent out! Please expect to get yours in your Patreon email by end of day (PDT) <3

// 1 August 2020

All files have been sent out! 😀 Please let me know if you haven’t received your Steampunk Harley yet. You might need to check your spam folder as well. I uploaded screenshots to help with the listing of filenames. I also included assembly instructions. I’m so excited to see everyone’s prints. I’d love to see them in our Discord server – pictures-of-your-prints channel. 

Harley was such a joy to make. She’s actually one of my favorite DC characters of all time. I’ve always loved her design, character, and persona. She was even the first statue I ever bought. It was the Batman: Arkham Asylum one by DC Collectibles and it’s still one of my favorites. 

I had a good time getting her face as sexy as possible while following Artgerms face reference and a bit of Natalie Dormer here and there. I’m thankful for all the feedback in our Discord server and for Tacomarocker for a good detailed feedback with drawovers. I feel like the face really improved because of it. The pose was really difficult to make too. I wanted to portray a sense of pride but with sex appeal as well. Thank you for all feedback on stream and in our server 😀 Tiwaz, steverodgers, syblake, aeternyx, charlie boy, and others, thank you for helping with that! And for everyone that’s taking the time in our Discord server as well, I’m so thankful for being in a community with you all! You keep me inspired, encouraged, and motivated. 

I’m really happy with how she turned out. I’m also glad to be making a diorama to put together a beautiful piece. At the moment, I’m focusing on the backdrop that’s interacting with our ladies but it’s definitely in the schedule to make the clock tower and castle-y bits as well. I’m really excited to see how all 3 of our sirens will look together!

Btw, There’s a course of XMD Academy I’m thinking of taking. It’s about cutting and keying models. Hopefully if our number of Patreons move up to 80 this month, I’ll be able to buy it <3 Let’s hope!

It’s the end of my first Harley sculpt <3 Definitely will not be my last! Thank you again everyone for your support. I really, really, really appreciate it. I won’t be able to be doing this without you all. That’s a fact. So really, THANK YOU! I’m enjoying every moment of it with you all.

Poison Ivy.. it’s time to do it.. for the green <3

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